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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  June 13, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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san francisco, a tourist had his face slashed over a cell phone and today the san francisco d.a. came to new york to take a strong stand against cell phone theft. thieves steal pricy portable and easily poached phone. ashley sedillo found out the hard way. >> i felt someone from behind me put their hands on me. i thought it was a prank and then i realized how forceful they were and when they whipped me around that it was not a joke. >> reporter: a second thief hit her in the face leaving her badly bruised. half of all robberies in san francisco and one in three nationwide involve cell phones. >> this is a growing epidemic. >> reporter: we followed san francisco's district attorney george gascon here to manhattan where he met with the new york attorney general. they launched the save our smartphones campaign a call to get cell phone manufacturers to
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put kill switches in smartphones rendering them effectively use less if stolen. >> we're looking for a universal solution free to the customer. >> our message is work with us to solve this problem. work with us to make it a pointlessen did he ever to assault someone and steal their smartphone. >> reporter: in a meeting today, gascon and schneiderman urged apple, microsoft, google, motorola and samsung to add kill switches to their phones. but gascon said as recently as six months ago they had no interest at apple. >> my first meeting i was told the technological solution to deal with this problem was not forthcoming. it's really interesting that six months later, now we have apple talking about it. >> reporter: just this week apple announced it would add at password-protected activation lock to its newest cell phone software to guard against theft
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but gascon says the technology falls short. >> i don't think it will get us to where we need to go but i believe it's a step in the right direction. >> reporter: gascon says some of the industry's reluctance comes down to cash. do you think that the cell phone companies have not been reactive to adding kill switches because it's not a moneymaker for them? >> they have made a lot of money in the u.s. as a result of this problem, the carriers. >> reporter: the good news is the manufacturers do seem to be responding to public pressure. samsung indicated after the meeting that it is working on some new security for its phones. in the meantime, gascon and schneiderman say they would like to see all new cell phones have kill switches by 2014. live in new york city, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> thank you. well, apple's kill switch update is expected this fall. it will allow users to access and lock their stolen phones
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online. apple says the feature will protect the device even if the sim card is removed. this kill switch idea is nothing new. in fact, australia's already been doing it. and as we have reported, so far the program has been successful. >> it's a blocking system using the 15-digit number that's attached to every mobile device. someone who steals a phone that phone is blocked across all three networks in this country and is essentially rendered useless. >> the blocking system there has reportedly reduced smartphone thefts by 25%. what started out as a minor fender-bender was deadly within minutes. the two drivers involved pulled over on market street between stanford and adeline in oakland last night. sue kwon tells us that is when something went very wrong. reporter: grieving parents visit the scene in the silver suv their son was driving. shortly before he was shot and
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killed. he was heading down stanford avenue stopped at the intersection of market street when a silver four-door sedan rear-ended him. >> he was enjoying himself. he was, you know, standard recent graduate happy to have a job and -- and happy to be home to the bay area. he was just a happy guy. it's always been quiet. it's always been friendly. his parents always joked around with them that don't be a hero whenever there's trouble. just stay away from it. >> reporter: our victim is a 23- year-old male. today is his birthday. we do know that he did attend college up in oregon. he was up at cal, he was playing basketball at one of their gymnasiums. he was on the way home and was in an accident. he pulled over to the curb. he did the right thing. somewhere in the interaction
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was a confrontation where the victim was shot to death. >> all i heard was one gunshot. a gunshot is a distinctive sound compared to a firecracker or something like that. >> it's sad. it's really sad. i hate to see anybody lose their lives especially innocent people over petty things if that was the case but all of us have to be careful out here >> this is important for the family and the reason why is this is a good young man doing all the right things and unfortunately he was shot and killed for what the reasons were, we are still trying to figure out. but the family really wants to push the information out to the community because somebody may recognize him. somebody may say, hey, i saw that young man last night. i saw what happened. and help us move this case forward so we can identify the suspects responsible for this homicide.
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this is an unfortunate tragedy for anyone. >> reporter: sue kwon, kpix 5. >> now, investigators don't think that the shooter and the victim knew each other. they are still trying to figure out motive. a woman pushing her bicycle in a san jose crosswalk was killed in a very strange accident. two trucks collided right next to her. one tipped over landing directly on top of her. it happened on lincoln street at 10:00 this morning. police say a dump truck knocked over a delivery truck which crushed a woman. the drivers are cooperating and were not hurt. in other headlines a big rig fire in lafayette shut down most of highway 24 westbound for hours this morning. the chp says a truck pulling a load of cars caught fire around 5a the trucker said he heard a loud pop and by the time he pulled over around 5 a.m., one of the cars was already burning. at least 7 of the 9 cars on the trailer were a total loss. no one was injured.
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this is the aftermath of an atherton house fire this afternoon. it was reported after 2:00. nobody was home apparently at the time. the fire did go to three alarms before crews were able to put it out. but looks like the damage ton tainted to the patio and the attic. nobody was hurt. alameda county fire crews worked to get the upper hand on a vegetation fire near the 2700 block of pine ridge road near chabot. helicopters making water drops to contain that fire there. breaking news tonight out of colorado. two people confirmed dead from fires in the state. 30,000 people evacuated earlier this week and authorities ordered another thousand people to leave their homes in coloradoing springs this morning. 360 homes have been destroyed. the black forest fire is now the most destructive fire in colorado's history. this is a tremendous victory for women affected by
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breast cancer and for all of us everywhere. >> the nation's high court rules, what's yours is yours especially when it's something inside your own body. >> it was an end run around tough budget cutbacks. now comes payback. county workers told to pay up for unapproved vacations. weather rise around here does it get any better than what we had today? full sunshine, temperatures running very close to what is average. live look from mount vaca. can we keep this winning streak going through your weekend? the answer in your forecast next. >> and why is this guy so happy? no, it's not the gorgeous weather. just wait until you hear how much he sold that parking space for.
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as new evidence emerges sho syrian forces used chemical weapons agai the syrian regime has crossed president obama's red line. as new evidence emerges showing syrian forces used chemical weapons against the rebels. white house officials say mr. obama is considering both
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political and military options. but won't say what they are or when they would be used. the civil war in syria is in its third year. the u.n. estimates 93,000 people have been killed. major news from the u.s. supreme court in a unanimous ruling, the justices said companies cannot patent human genes. the court ruled a naturally occurring dna segment is a product of nature and therefore cannot be patented. the decision comes as myriad genetics tried to keep its patent on a test for a specific gene mutation related to breast or ovarian cancer. the company claims patents would help make up millions invested in research, critics say it would mean a monopoly on genetic testing. >> most people think of patents and they think of cell phone technology. this is about basic medicine. this is about highway patients have access to their -- how patients have access to their
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genetic information that puts them at an increased risk of cancer. >> companies will still be allowed to patent synthetic dna. today's ruling reverses decades of rulings. as for california's same- sex marriage ban it will have to wait longer. the supreme court recessed for the weekend without issuing a decision on prop 8. a federal appellate court struck down the measure banning same-sex marriage last year. a decision is expected by the end of the month. construction crews at 49ers stadium were back on the job this morning following the death of a coworker earlier this week. 63-year-old donald white an employee of schindler elevator was killed working in an elevator tuesday morning. construction stopped immediately until today. authorities held a safety meeting though before crews started working again this morning. it was a creative way to get around painful paycuts. but now it's payback time for a group of county workers.
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>> plus, higher education at a lower price. some great news for california families struggling to afford the cost of college. ,,
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bite county workers in the h bay.
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numbers there. an end run around some painful budget cuts is coming back to bite county workers in the south bay. new at 5:00 kpix 5's len ramirez is in san jose with a letter sent to prosecutors who took vacation time they were not entitled to. len. >> reporter: allen, attorney general kamala harris is already investigating this case as a possible violation of the county government code. now the county executive is also threatening to investigate the individual attorneys who received this benefit that's if they don't pay the county back. what does it mean for you in terms of payback? >> i don't know. i wasn't contacted by the county. >> reporter: prosecutor lance doherty may have to pay back santa clara county for 251 hours he received of extra time off. the equivalent of six weeks pay. that's according to a strongly worded letter sent by county executive to 19 prosecutors who benefited from district attorney jeff rosen's controversial plan to give some lawyers free time off to compensate for a 5% pay cut agreed to in their contract.
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>> you call it a scheme or plan or strategy, sort of immaterial. it was definitely a plan to get around the contract. >> reporter: a letter blasted the rosen plan which allowed attorneys who make up to $195,000 a year to take administrative leave as their time off then cash out their unused vacation time. it all cost the county about $280,000. >> what we're doing now is letting them know that it's not acceptable and it means that we need to enforce the spirit of the contract and actually get the benefit back that was given to them. >> what the district attorney did was completely unauthorized and in excess of his authority. >> reporter: the union recommends its members pay back the county mostly by giving back vacation hours. >> the county seems to be making it very clear that if they don't agree voluntarily to return these hours, that some of these attorneys might face additional investigation by the county above and beyond what
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the attorney general is currently investigating. >> reporter: district attorney jeff rosen was not available for an on-camera comment today but did issue a statement this afternoon saying that he is puzzled by the timing of this letter sent by the county executive given the fact that the attorney general is already investigating. allen, he also said that he, quote, does not appreciate attempts by the county executive to bully my hard working prosecutors. that's an end quote. allen, i'm getting the feeling there's no love lost between the executive east wing and the prosecutorial west wing here in the county government center. >> and some point the two will meet. len, thank you so much. by the way, the d.a.'s secret time off plan ran from september of 2011 through april of this year. and news reports brought that plan to light. there is a class of state public university students stuck between a financial rock and hard place. but california lawmakers say a new proposal will make higher education more affordable for middle income families. it's called the middle class scholarship and here's how it
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works. it will cut up to 40% of tuition for uc and csu students whose families make between $80,000 and $150,000 a year. students we spoke with support the move. can give more people education and that's all that matters. >> this class is sort of ignored so i think they need the help. so i think it's a good idea. >> the discount would help roughly 100,000 students. the legislature is expected to approve the plan as part of the state budget and begin the scholarship program with partial funding next year. on the consumerwatch, competition heats up between the private car services and taxis. ride share company uber is slashing prices and you can imagine how that's going over with san francisco cab drivers. uber is that service where noncommercial drivers pick up customers who booked using a smartphone app. so now a uber trip from north
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beach to sfo will be 50 bucks compared to $62 in a cab. and comcast customers may be looking for ways to save some money when they see their next bill. the nation's largest cable company is raising rates by an average of 3% starting july 1. notices are included in bills going out right now. the biggest hike by far is for voice and internet installation rates for those services are doubling from $50 to $100. comcast says customers can save by doing self-installation. >> we know how that goes. >> then you call comcast and -- >> yadda yadda yadda. >> bail you out. the best thing about the weather? it's free. >> and really you see what's going on back east. you see what's going on in the midwest. you see the fires. everywhere else in the country is dealing with some type of extreme weather and we can't get if we tried right now more than 5 degrees away from average. what a beautiful day it has been with sunshine from start
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to finish, even at ocean beach. mainly sunny skies. yeah, you're chilly, you have the light onshore flow in the 60s but that's common place this time of year actually anytime of year. and we are looking inland mount diablo from our dublin cam. nothing but blue sky and your highs very comfortable today in the low to mid-80s. our microclimate, what were our range of temperatures today? point reyes, 56 degrees. vacaville 30 degrees temperature difference this time of year not that much. it can be as much as 50 degrees. concord tonight down to 57. san rafael 53. mountain view 56. and redwood city 54 degrees. here's the setup in the skies aboves. similar to what we had today, but a subtle change as low pressure moves out higher pressure moves in making its closer pass to us. we'll get a north wind tomorrow keeping the low cloud cover away, sunshine once again from start to finish. if you didn't enjoy it today, please get outside and enjoy full sunshine coming up tomorrow because by the weekends we'll see so changes especially if you live near the bay or at the coast. morning cloud cover will be back. temperatures will drop of several degrees and we'll have
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a stronger onshore flow with a new area of low pressure enhancing that push from the chilly pacific ocean giving us more cloud cover and temperatures falling. all in all staying close to normal. every afternoon for the next week will be sunny and mild. the mornings will be cloudy starting saturday morning. not tomorrow. all about the sunshine tomorrow. look at these temperatures relative to normal. close to where we should be this time of year. san francisco two degrees above. sunnyvale 79 degrees. hayward sunshine tomorrow. mid-80s for concord. and we are looking at low 80s for san rafael and kentfield. 68 degrees tomorrow in downtown san francisco. as i mentioned we'll cool off but only by a few degrees over the weekend sunny inland and temperatures next week still close to normal with afternoon sunshine every day. let's go outside today. people in dublin getting their hands messy in the farmer's market ribs cookoff tonight. kpix 5's roberta gonzales with the mobile weather in dublin. >> reporter: currently it is 75 degrees right here at emerald
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glen park. the winds have been blowing up to 10 miles per hour. we have had some gusts up to 20 but that doesn't stop all these fine folks out here. look at the kids, having so much fun on this thursday evening. sherry from the city of dublin here to tell us about the goings on this evening. >> well, it's our third season. farmer's market. we are here at emerald glen park every thursday from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. peak of season for cherries and berries stone fruits coming in. fabulous. while the parents shop, the kids can play at the playground. >> reporter: great point. i have noticed it's a potpourri of communities here. we have goat cheese from hayward, corn from san leandro, hummus from -- that's from the san mateo area. >> yes. amazing baked goods, too. we have from central valley, lots of local places. >> reporter: so you're here every thursday. >> every thursday 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. >> sun or wind. >> absolutely rain or shine. >> reporter: coming up at 6:30 tonight, what's going on? >> it's dublin cook night at
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the market so we have a ribs cookoff. >> reporter: whoo! >> reporter: 6:30 p.m. we have the ribs cookoff, the best ribs in dublin. come by and say hi. it's a gorgeous evening. reporting for mobile weather, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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golf course inside a former
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a san francisco developer is making a push to open a mini golf course inside a former mortuary. we're talking about the mission district mortuary on south van ness empty for over a decade. the plan is a 22-square-foot golf course inside and a restaurant. it could create 55 new jobs. sounds great but why a mortuary? >> has fantastic architectural design, just a great look. it's very welcoming for what we're trying to do and it's been empty since 1999. so we are breathing life into a mortuary. >> developer steve fox is presenting his project to the city planning committee late this afternoon. if he gets the okay the golf course would be set to open in time for the holiday season this year. okay. if you drive in san francisco, certainly you know parking can be expensive but what one buyer was willing to pay for a prime piece of real estate in south beach is going to shock you. we'll show you the spot and this is the guy who sold it.
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how happy is he? happier than barry zito pitching a no-hitter. this is an underground garage in the south beach neighborhood a block from at&t ballpark. it just sold for $82,000. we don't know who bought it. that's not the end of it because the new owner still has to pay property taxes on it, too. >> wow. >> one spot. >> parking is tough. >> tickets to the game. >> season tickets for life after that. now a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." scott pelley is in new york. >> hi, allen and liz. great to be with you in the bay area. we're going to be covering the breaking news from the white house. it turns out according to u.s. sources that nerve gas was used against rebels in the syrian civil war. the question now is what will president obama do about it? we'll have that and the rest of the world news for you on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,,,,,,,, look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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guess a person's ethnic background - you're not alo. how the nation is seeing a , in mixed-race americans. any at 6:00 if it's getting harder to know a person's nationality, you are not alone. there are more mixed race americans. there are millions of jobs available but millions stil unemployed. how many applicants are not the right fit. that and more at 6. thank you for watching. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> the latest news and weather are always on our website, captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: tonight news from the white house: the administration says it will send military support to the rebels in syria after proof that nerve gas was used in the civil war. major garrett and clarissa ward have the story. thousands are ordered out of laeir homes in colorado. more than 350 homes are gone. >> i do have -- one photo album. >> pelley: barry petersen on the worst wildfire in state history. can human genes be patented for profit? jan crawford has upreme court decision. and the mobster and the man next door. josh bond made a new friend then discovered his neighbor's true identity. >> i just helped the f.b.i. arrest the most-wanted man in america.


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